Welcome to Auslan

This term the Prep and Grade 1/2 classes will be introduced to Auslan.
We will be exploring different greeting signs such as Good morning, Good afternoon, how are you?, yes, no, good, bad, happy and sad. How to sign different colours and songs such as “Happy Birthday” and “I can sign a rainbow”. We will also be learning about deaf culture and deaf awareness.
I have a office at the back of the Library were you can come during the second half of lunch Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to look at Auslan posters, books and signing dictionaries.
Happy Signing Everyone

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Auslan

    • Hi Chelsea and Miss Emily, I love Auslan too! When we go to Auslan on Thursdays, can we learn more animal signs? Even if we don’t, I’m still looking forward to Auslan!! Chelsea, sorry I have a late reply!!! ♡☆

  1. Miss Emily I love how you have taught me so much about Auslan ! I’ve learnt so much about signing. Could I possibly need a better Auslan teacher than you! You are awesome!

    Love Ela

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